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Company History

Westmoreland Property (Westprop) is primarily a property development company. It started operating in 2003 and has since carried out a number of projects in Zimbabwe. The company specialises in residential estates and commercial offices. Most of the company’s developments are developed for sale to the open property market. Some of the company’s developments (mainly commercial) are retained for letting.

Westprop has also carried out some special projects as lead contractor. These include a special technology sewage treatment plant and fire suppression system for one of Zimbabwe’s leading mining companies, Mimosa Mining Company. These projects were done in partnership with proprietary technology and specialist partner foreign companies.

Our Core Values

The company distinguishes itself on the market through high quality developments with high customer satisfaction. Westprop believes in giving customers confidence and certainty of completion and quality of what they are buying. This is achieved by as much as possible completing its developments wholly or some units in multi-unit developments before offering them to the market . By so doing, it allows customers to see the actual product for sale before committing to any purchases. This reduces possible gaps between the customer’s expectations and the actual product on offer. To the extent possible, its always a what you see is what you get customer value proposition for our developments.

Our Partners

Westprop’s main partner is its sister company Westmoreland Construction (Westcon). Westcon does the actual construction of all Westprop developments. On a project by project basis the company also partners with external architectural , engineering and quantity surveying partners when required.

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